You Can’t Change Others, They Can Only Do That Themselves



I used to bang my head against a brick wall trying to make some people think more positively and be more kind to themselves and others. I don’t anymore! We can’t control what others say or do, only our reaction to them. When we realise this, we are on the path to a much more peaceful life.
Some people won’t ever change how they are and how they act. It’s none of my business what they do but I just keep my distance now, instead of trying to help. I am kind to everyone and hopefully this has a knock on effect. Actually, it definitely does have this effect. I love it. People pay kindness forward. I can’t change the massive problems in the world but I can change the world around me, one bit at a time, and create a ripple effect.
In keeping my distance from negativity, I have made room in my life for new people of a similar mindset. This happened naturally when I stopped trying to please or help others who were never going to be pleased or changed. Their actions don’t bother me anymore.
I’ve met a lot of people on the same path as me recently, we have deep chats and motivate one another to succeed at things we love doing and to live life fully. Sometimes I meet people who are unhappy with their life and I give them a glimpse into how they could do what they really want, because they see that that is what I am doing. It gives them food for thought and it’s likely that they contact me again in the future, when they are ready to take action.
I concentrate on being the best human I can be whilst being true to myself and what I stand for. Some people won’t or don’t like me and that is absolutely fine but they may need to look at what it is they don’t like and take a look at themselves.
I may make some people uncomfortable with how I live and what I am but they don’t have to come near me or be bothered what I am doing as it isn’t affecting them one bit. I don’t push myself onto anyone. I just live authentically and attract and am attracted to the same kind.
We are all different and that’s what makes life interesting but we should never try and change one another unless we’re on the same journey and can encourage rather than dictate.

So stop trying to fit in somewhere that you don’t, it’ll stifle your growth. Your body will try to tell you that you are on the wrong path for you – you will be ill. Always do what comes naturally to you, and hang around people who inspire you, not drain you, and you’ll be successful.

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