When Is The Best Time For A New Beginning?

“The best time for new beginnings is now.”
The past is gone, the future is not here yet, so we need to live in the present and make it great.
I am lucky enough to be able to fully live in the present. The past can’t be changed. If something bad has happened in your past, chances are that it isn’t still happening and will never happen again. It’s finished, so it shouldn’t affect what you are doing now.
It is possible to lead a great life whatever’s happened before.
Many of the most successful people in the world have experienced hardships before they made it. This is because they haven’t let being a victim define them. The bad things have happened to them but they are still themselves, and do not dwell. They make the most of, and appreciate, what they do have. They do not dwell on situations that do not serve them anymore.
I believe it is possible for everyone to live like this.
Similarly, the future is not promised, but so many people delay living, waiting for this perfect time to come before they start to properly enjoy their lives.
There’s a lot of just existing going on. Doing what needs to be done to ensure financial security for the later years. Those years that may or may not be seen.
It’s disturbs me that some people can spend so many hours a day just wishing time away, because they hate their jobs. Time is so precious, and to be doing this is madness to me. You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.
Yes, I know bills need to be paid but, as I’ve said before, some of these bills will no longer be relevant if a person has a job they like. They won’t need the extra ‘stuff’ they are shelling out for, to make themselves feel better for not enjoying an important part of their lives.

Someone asked me yesterday if I ever wake up dreading my day ahead. The answer is no. I make the most of every single day, whatever I am doing and I look forward to little random experiences that occur along the way.
Sometimes I’ll have a situation that needs dealing with that could possibly upset my calm, but I’ll just deal with it. Full stop. Done. End of possibility.
You are free to live in whichever time you like!

I existed for a long time. I thought I was happy, but now that I am truly living I realise that I wasn’t happy at all. I could have carried on with my life as it was, until the day I died, totally unaware of the life that I should have been living. The one I am in now.

If I die today, I know that I have lived fully. I’m not scared of dying. Those who haven’t lived properly are afraid of death. They live like it will never happen to them. They continue to wait for a certain event or goal to be fulfilled until they start to live like that have a finite time on Earth.

A lot of the time, this ideal scenario never comes. It becomes too late. Suddenly, they are dying, without ever having done all the things they really wanted to do. I spoke to a guy at the gym yesterday. He was throwing his massive weights around. I asked if he was ok. He said he was letting out his aggression because his work was stressful. He said he had plans for the future but had to make a certain amount of money before he could live the life he dreams of, doing what he loves. I know that this time may never come. People attach a good life with money and there is always more they can get, so they keep grinding away, becoming more stressed, and older and maybe becoming ill, and their ideal life never happens.

I asked him if he’d like his own son to have the same life as him. He said no, he’d like him to do what he loves. I told him that his children are learning from his example, not what he tells them.

I have the ability to make people angry with me, but I am only ever telling the truth. Lots of people do not like the truth. I’ll never apologise for waking someone up to reality. I’d never force my way of living on somebody but I will get them to question how they are living and if it is serving them and their family. What they do from there is their own business.

Some people are living in the future. They are missing out on so much that is happening right now. Moments that you can’t get back. Gone, because you are purely focused on securing your unpromised future.
Some people are living in the past, they can’t get over something that happened to them. They dwell, and suffer, and wallow. They act like a victim. Sometimes it isn’t easy but we must let the past go as it won’t help anything now. Lessons are always learnt, which is great. Now, move on.
I’m not promoting recklessness, just simply living. In the present. Not just existing.
Anything is possible if you really want it.

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