“Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying…”

“Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying.” – Shawshank Redemption.

One of my favourite ever quotes. From one of my favourite films.

I could say it to a lot of people. Everyday. Those who are dead in the eyes, like zombies, going about their daily routine with no spark or smile. They are dying before they’ve lived. It does concern me, and this is why I am on a mission to wake up as many people as possible, in whatever time I have here on this Earth. To wake them up to the fact that they can actually do whatever they want to, they aren’t chained to what they are ‘supposed’ to do.

I do this by being the example. I live everyday as if it is my last. Being happy is my purpose, and being of service to others is how I stay in this position. I do not push myself onto others, and never get offended if people avoid me because I annoy them with my cheerful demeanour. I know that it is totally their issue, not mine. Not everyone wants to live a full and exciting life, they are happy to be miserable, they do not want to change, and this is fine. They are just not my people.

If I make people feel something when they meet me, be it inspired or irritated, then I have been successful in making them have a think about their own lives. The truth is very rarely seen or heard nowadays and I am the truth. It’s ridiculous how so much fakeness is around us. The time people spend on maintaining an image that isn’t truly them is laughable. By being untrue to their real selves, they are slowly dying inside.

So many people spend a large chunk of their lives worrying about what others think of them, so they spend their time trying to look better, feel better, going to better places, making their children better, living in a better house, buying a better car, etc etc.. This competitive behaviour has no end, you will never win. There will always be someone, or something else ‘better’. The best thing to do is to be brave enough to leave the competition. Peace will ensue. I know.

The most peaceful way to live is to embrace your true self and shine your light so brightly that the right people and situations find you. It is effortless. It takes a strong person to love themselves, flaws and all, but we weren’t born with any hang ups, they are all learnt, over time, by watching parents, friends, society, etc and imitating them.  We can wipe the rubbish away and get back to who we are supposed to be. Again, I have done it, and the freedom is amazing.

I don’t feel the need to mask any part of me with something ‘better’. I am enough. As I am. I find it so interesting how many people feel the need to change themselves so that they become more attractive when the ultimate attractive state is to be authentic.  Real. Since I became the real me again, I attract real, good things wherever I go, and repel the fake.

If you are being fake, you will attract fake. Full stop. Doing things that you do not really enjoy, just so that you fit in, will not serve you. Some people use alcohol or drugs to get them through life. I’m telling them that the moment they start acting how they want to act, instead of how they believe they should act, the need to numb themselves with this unhealthy stuff, will diminish.

I am also concerned with the amount of antidepressants that are taken by a large percentage of the adult population. I was told that a local pharmacist said that most of the prescriptions they see are for antidepressants. What is that all about?! It is indicative of the state of people’s lives that they feel they need something artificial to make them feel happier.

I have a friend who was on antidepressants. They went to their doctor one day and said that they wanted to stop taking them. My friend explained to the doctor that I had helped them to think differently about a lot of things and that they had started ‘living’ and didn’t feel the need for the tablets anymore. They are now thriving. Happy. Loving life.

I hear others telling their friends to just go and get some ‘happy’ pills. They all think that this is ‘normal’ behaviour. It is so not normal. It shows me that something is wrong with how we are living nowadays. Everybody is chasing money and stuff, because they think it is the answer to happiness, when the truth is that the simple life is the happiest.

People say to me that I can’t put my idea of happiness onto someone else, but when I come across millionaires who say that money makes them happy, and compare their demeanour to mine, it’s not hard to see who the happiest one is. I know I can help them to look at things differently and to start truly living. I have changed lots of people’s lives with my work. They have had to unlearn almost everything they have been taught about life, and they have to be brave and go all out to implement the changes 24 hours a day, but the results are amazing.

Once somebody has woken up, they will never go back to their old way of living, or rather, dying.

The amount of people who say that they ‘have’ to do something, when they really do not have to, is unbelievable. They ‘have’ to own a house, they ‘have’ to work at a job they hate, they ‘have’ to stay in a toxic relationship, etc etc. They do not have to do any of these but it’s what they are taught from an early age, by watching their elders, by watching TV, by following society’s unwritten rules.

I haven’t watched television for over 3 years now. I do not watch, or read, or listen to, the news. I do not need this negativity in my life. No wonder everybody is scared to live when they are constantly bombarded with scary stories, sad stories, horror stories. Bad news keeps everybody rooted to their ‘safe’ lives. I now go where the fun and adventure are, because I have no fear. I do not put myself in dangerous situations but, because I don’t hear scaremongering, I am free to live fully.

When I hear of people dying at a relatively young age, this makes me so aware of my own death. Due to this awareness, I am living so fully that dying no longer scares me. The majority of people are afraid of dying, because they aren’t actually living. They are waiting for more money, for their kids to grow up, for retirement etc etc before they start to live. This is the problem with most humans. They are waiting for a time that may never come, before they start to enjoy their lives.

I heard two women talking the other day, about how one of them had retired and what she has been up to since. Then they started talking about their friend who had recently retired, and died. They were saying how sad it was. The friend who wasn’t retired yet started counting how many years it would be until she did. It fascinated me that the death of their friend, who was around the same age, made no difference to how the working lady was going to live her life. She didn’t like her job but was going to hold on until retirement!

A guy I worked with in The City retired aged 52, with lots of money that he had worked hard for. Within 2 weeks he had had a heart attack and died. I’m sure he did do most of the things he wanted in his life but others should have taken it as a wake up call. Instead, they are all still sitting at their desks, spending more of their time with colleagues than they do with loved ones.

Living fully to me doesn’t mean going to fancy restaurants and taking part in the latest fashionable activities. It means being human and enjoying the little things in life, because these are the most important. I live in the moment and appreciate everything around me. I do not take anything for granted. I love being connected with other humans, and nature. I have as little technology around as possible but, even though I do need it to get my message out to the world, it doesn’t consume me.

Whatever is thrown at us in life, we can get through it with a positive mindset. There is always a positive to be found in a negative situation. Again, I have found myself in many a bad place, but refuse to be broken. Ever. It’s just the way I have come to be. I believe we all have the strength to overcome adversity if we it comes to it. Most people at rock bottom do not die, they start to fly instead. People will disagree with me and that is fine too. Each to their own.

At the end of the day, we have to take responsibility for our own lives. It’s nobody else’s fault if we do not have a great life. It is our own fault. We can copy others’ bad behaviour, or we can learn from it and do what we believe is right for us instead. We are not stuck in any situation. We are not trees. Being a victim is fine, well done, but if you want to stop wallowing, then man or woman up and do something about it.

Your life is what YOU make it. Nobody else owes you anything, and vice versa. Blaming everyone, or everything else, for your miserable life, will not get you anywhere. You will just end up surrounded with those who are the same.

Forget about the past, let stuff go that can’t be changed, and live for now, grateful for everything that you do have going for you.

I do practise what I preach and I know that it’s very rare. I do everything I want to do, when I want to do it, and I never worry, as it is a total waste of time. I break the rules but I do not break the law. I am not hurting anybody by being who I am, but it is so alien to some people, and so against what they have been taught in their lives, that they feel uncomfortable around me. That is fine, but I do wonder, how can being so happy be so wrong?

People will say that they have to do a job they hate because they need the money. I would point out to them that a to of the money they earn probably goes on paying for material stuff and activities that compensate for their lack of happiness at work, for the majority of their week.

If they got a lower paid job, that they loved, then the need to buy some happiness would diminish. The simple things would start to be appreciated and they would therefore survive on less money, but, as I always say, each to their own, but you only have one life.  You don’t want to look back and wished you had lived differently when the end is near.

“What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” – Anonymous









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  1. Great read! This blog is a reminder of how important living our lives as authentically as possible because no one know how long we have to live to the fullest. It resonates with me because I too made a change in my life to live a genuinely simple, authentic life and to my surprise happiness followed. I have a long way to go but do seek positivity in every situation, give kindness where ever possible & am extremely grateful for the inspiration that shows up; Natalie being one of those people. Watching & hearing her stories of kindness & inspirational chats that leave total strangers smiling & hopeful makes the world a better place, one human being at a time!

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