Don’t Chase Anyone Or Anything..

“I don’t chase people anymore. I’ve learned that I’m here, and I’m important. I’m not going to run after people to prove that I matter.”
We’ve all done it. Seen someone we’d like to be friends/in a relationship with, and gone out of our way to enable that to happen. Even if they’re not good for us. We see something in them that we would like to have and we set about trying to get closer to them. Sometimes we find out that people aren’t what they appear to be but we ignore it and pretend that they’re still the person we imagined them to be. Maybe it’s based on what they look like – their appearance is pleasing so we put up with their true self so we look good to others to have this person as a friend/partner. This is very unhealthy but very common. We pretend to be something else to get to where we think we’d like to be. This isn’t sustainable in the long run. We will become tired of pretending at some point.
I can honestly say that I don’t chase people anymore. I show up, as I am, authentically me, and the right ones stay, or appear, and the wrong ones run away :-)…It’s true, and I love that now. It feels so easy and natural. Because it is! It’s common sense but so many people do not get it. They aspire to be like someone else instead of knowing how great they are as themselves, and realising that they can be even greater by embracing their uniqueness.
A few years ago, if I wasn’t invited to some event that I would have liked to have gone to, I would hang around the ones in charge of the ‘asking’ and be nice and kind and hope to be invited! To me now, this doesn’t seem a great way to behave. Forced and unnatural. Even though I am always kind to everybody, being that way to get something else isn’t a great way to go about things.
Just be yourself, truly yourself, and everything will happen, or not happen, how it should. We are all important and need to know that. Some people will love you and some will hate you. It doesn’t matter. Keep loving yourself, doing what you do, and chase your dreams, not people.
The ones who are good for you will just show up along the way.

Neediness is so unattractive. Be it in a relationship or in a career. A lot of people chase money and careers, thinking that they are the keys to power and happiness. They so aren’t. If you have to chase something then I don’t think it is what you are meant to have. If you are doing what you love, the money will follow, naturally. If you are doing something purely for the financial rewards, you will suffer when it doesn’t serve your soul. We are all enough as we are and we all have a gift. If we find what it is and serve the world, we are laughing, and can live happily, and probably won’t be bothered about material stuff half as much as if we’re just doing a job to get money. This money is needed to buy external stuff to compensate for the happiness we are losing by working at something we are not meant to be doing.

You are enough, as yourself, to live a great life. You are not a half, so stop searching for another half! Another whole person may show up to add to your life, but if they don’t, let them go. Get rid of the security blanket, you won’t need it if you believe in yourself.

Be you, and be exclusive. Stop giving yourself to everybody. Be selective. When you have found your gift, you will be great. You don’t need validation from anybody else. Just be. The right things will start happening. Know your value. If you don’t know how valuable you are then nobody else will either.

Believe in yourself and stop playing it safe. You only live once.

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