A Small Act Of Kindness


qtq80-F0RIwaI hope you are the reason somebody smiles today.

I do small acts of kindness. At school pick up once, it was pouring with rain and a lady came along without a hood or umbrella so I told her to come and share my umbrella. Such a simple thing to do and she did look at me like I was a bit nuts but she came under. I didn’t know her but I’d seen her most days over the last few years as she picks children up for an after school club. Anyway, it made me feel good to help, even if it was for just a few minutes. If all of us with umbrellas had kept another person dry yesterday there would have been a lot more smiles.
Anyway, I’m not telling you this so I get praise, I’m telling you this because it’s the small things that we can do that will make someone feel good. If I make one person a little more thoughtful then I’ve succeeded. The lady I helped ALWAYS smiles at me now.
Some people might think “it’s MY umbrella, they should’ve brought their own.” If this is the case then this person needs to look at themselves and maybe start to love themselves a bit more. This is a hard task for many of us but, once you love yourself, you will start to feel more free and be in a better position to help others and be truly happy.
So, today, just be yourself! Be true to yourself. If people don’t appreciate the real you then maybe you should distance yourself. I started distancing myself from negativity over 2 years ago. OMG, the effects of this have been amazing. The people who stressed me out were suddenly gone, and they have gradually been replaced by positive people, people who appreciate me for me. I didn’t look for these new friends, they just organically happened. We gravitated towards each other, because I started truly being myself, and this is when you attract like-minded people.When I got rid of negativity and started properly being me, I began to not care what anybody else thought of me. I stopped trying to fit in where I didn’t belong, stopped saying the “right” thing instead of what I really felt, and made no apologies for being me. Society dictates what we say and do but we DO NOT have to follow everybody else! I scoot to school on my scooter, with my three children…this is not “normal” and I get a lot of strange looks, some disapproving ones. Someone once said to me “You don’t go on your scooter when you’re not with the children, do you?” I replied “Yes I do.” If I want to get somewhere nearby and it’s a lovely day then I’ll get on it. How is it affecting anyone else? I can do what I like. You can do what you like. Just because everyone else isn’t doing something, doesn’t mean you can’t. It’s funny, a lot of the dads tell me that seeing me on my scooter makes them want to get their skateboards/bikes etc out of the shed/loft. I tell them to do it! Live! Life’s too short to conform to what is “normal”. My children love the fact that I scoot with them and they are the important ones. I do not care what anyone else thinks of my behaviour, and that is why I feel so free. I’m not asking you to go and get a scooter but if there’s something you’d really like to do but it’s not considered “normal”, just go and do it. Life is too short to be anything other than yourself, and happy.
Have a lovely day!

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