Happiness coaching

Contact me to arrange a free 2 hour consultation. This may be powerful enough for you to go off and live a happier life. Or you may decide you'd like to see me for more bespoke sessions. There is no obligation to sign up. We must both feel like 'we fit'.

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Happiness Workshop

I hold regular workshops that will show you how to to incorporate my Happiness Formula into your everyday life.

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My Retreats are held in beautiful places around the World. They are not an escape from normality. They will enable you to take away what you have learned and immediately enhance your everyday life.

Retreats are held in private villas and a typical day will include exercise (if desired), a group coaching session, relaxation and massage. All meals are catered for.

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Making People Happy

This is my mission statement. Making People Happy.

I am probably known for being the happiest person that a lot of people know.

I came to be this way after hitting rock bottom during Divorce. One day I just woke up and started to think and feel differently. This happened a few years ago, and since then I have touched other people's lives with my story and my unique way of thinking.

I realised I could create a massive ripple effect just by treating those around me with kindness. I also found that I could change the way people think about their lives and enable them to live without stress or worry.

What started off as a hobby has now become full-time, (after I qualified as a Life Coach) and I have many regular clients. The results from my sessions have amazed them, and me. I unlock something in them which enables their life to become happier and more fulfilled.

What I do is very unique and bespoke. I practice what I preach and there is nothing fake about me (apart from my hair colour!). It's very important to me that my clients are coming from a place of truth too. They can be safe in the knowledge that anything we do is strictly confidential. I expect the same courtesy.

I have helped individuals, couples and companies to become happier. I'm confident that there isn't anybody that I can't help. I'm up for a challenge.

This is deep stuff and not for you if you are a people pleaser, unless you have made a firm decision to change.

"You can't pour from an empty cup."


"The Lovely Natalie, My Happiness Coach

I was first drawn to and intrigued by Natalie, her story and how someone could always seem so happy and contented with her life. This amazing energy of pure happiness she oozes made me want to look into Life Coaching sessions with her. I looked at Natalie and wanted to feel the same happiness and she told me on my first session that I would indeed find it and I must admit at the time I was not sure I would. Natalie said she should be called a “Happiness Coach” and now I have been on my journey with her I could not think of a better way of describing what she does.

Since I have started on my journey with Natalie she has made me look at my life, situations I find myself in, relationships and what I want from my life. She’s made me think about past life experiences good and bad and to see how the more challenging times have positives in and have given me my drive in life and determination.
She has helped me to learn how powerful the mind is and how by simply changing my viewpoint I see the world differently. I have control over my own journey and my own destiny, it’s up to me how I choose to live it. I have started to make positive changed with Natalie’s help and guidance and she has truly awakened something happy and life changing.
I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone wanting to make positive changes."  MR



Next Steps...

Call me on 07771 661393 to arrange an initial, complimentary consultation.